Endure Services

While group training has many benefits, if you really want to fast track your training goals, or if you are recovering from an injury, you can’t go past one-on-one coaching. Session from half an hour to one hour are available, where we will focus on your specific training goals. Sessions will be tailored to identify and improve your weaknesses, always working at a pace to maximize your progress while avoiding injury. The first session will include a full body assessment and a discussion of your training goals. From there the frequency and duration of your sessions will depend on your goals and will all be specifically tailored to meet your needs. These sessions may be held outdoors or indoors.

Buddy Training is available for groups of two. Experience similar training and results as above and share the cost with your friend.

If you would like to receive a tailored coaching program, we can formulate an online periodisation program for you. Periodisation programs are designed to increase your performance, based on your current fitness level and your goals. They are excellent for people that really want to see their performance maximized through their individual training during the week. These programs can be formulated whether you live in Hobart or elsewhere. Personalized programs are generated weekly based on your feedback from the prior week and will be sent to you via email. Each week we will be in contact with you to follow-up and collect your feedback before finalizing the next week’s training. This way your periodisation program will adapt at the same pace as you do. We offer periodisation programs for runners, cyclists, triathletes, multisport racers, adventure race participants and other sports.
Tired of mindlessly running on a treadmill, or pounding the pavements alone? Group running is a great way to get fit in a supportive and friendly environment. Running group sessions are scheduled around Hobart and are designed to allow people of all fitness levels to participate. The sessions will be designed to help improve individual endurance, speed, strength and agility. These sessions will involve asphalt and trail runs, sprint sessions, hill training and running technique. The regular running group is designed for those that are currently in a regular running routine and want to improve their performance. The baseline group is for those that are starting out or getting back into things after a break and need to improve their fitness and strength before joining the regular group sessions.
Located at PCYC, our classes will aim to increase body strength and muscle tone. Regular training will not only help to boost your endurance and metabolism, you may also benefit from improved energy levels for your daily routine, experience a greater sense of well-being, improve your ability to cope with stress and improve your sleep. Sessions will include weight lifting, plyometric, explosion and agility exercises, enhancing coordination, balance and core strength. All sessions include warm up and cool down stretches before and after the training.

Team training and studio hire sessions are available for companies that would like to offer group sessions to their employees or clients. Corporate Training has been shown to increase staff morale and team cohesion, improve work performance output, decrease sick days and improve overall staff and client satisfaction. Group sessions can be held in your work environment, outdoors, or in one of our regular training locations. Contact us for more information.

With degrees in Sports and Exercise Science and Physical Education, and a Masters degree in Sports Training, Gus is extremely well qualified to train people from any sporting background. Group sessions are available for sporting teams that would like to train with Gus for optimized performance results. Training can be organised in a number of different locations including our regular facilities. Contact Gus for more information.