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Fran Mulligan

During my almost three years of training with Gus, he has guided me through a 13kg weight loss journey. I have gone from an overweight and unhappy couch potato with absolutely no confidence or self-esteem, to completing a triathlon, a 120km road bike race and a half marathon, and am currently in training for a full marathon, goals that I never in my wildest dreams thought I could achieve! I can vouch for Gus's experience, knowledge and complete professionalism - throughout the whole process he has been the best mentor anyone could ask for, and his constant support, guidance and encouragement has kept me going and helped me reach goals I never even realised I had!

Tim Roberts Tasmanian Yachtsman 46 yrs old
I was lucky enough to be selected to be the 'Mast Man' for an AUS and USA Farr 40 Sailing program commencing 2014 - 2016. As a requirement I needed to maintain my weight, increase cardiovascular fitness, gain muscle, improve strength, speed and agility. With no fitness regime, or knowledge in this area, my wife who had worked with Gus previously, suggested him as the ideal trainer, and he most definitely was. Gus listened to my concerns, looked at my strengths and weakness's, and also took the time to watch video's, which showed him my key role on the yacht. From that, over the past 18 months, Gus specifically designed programs tailored to meet all of my needs, and the improvement in my performance's has been incredible. I am fitter, stronger, faster and my overall technique was adjusted and improved. My hoist's infact, were noted to be one of the quickest in the recent Farr 40 World Championships held in Long Beach USA, which our team went on to win! I cannot recommend or thank Gus highly enough for all his support both physically and psychologically over this ongoing campaign. I truly believe this dream of mine would not have been possible without him. 2014 West Coast USA Farr 40 Championships. Corinthian Division Winners "Voodoo Chile" 2014 San Fran Big Boat Series Farr 40, 6th overall "Voodoo Chile" 2014 World Championships Farr 40, Professional Division 5th overall, "Voodoo Chile" 2015 Australian Farr 40 Championships, Professional Division Winners "Voodoo Chile" 2015 Cal Cup Farr 40, Professional Division 6th overall "Voodoo Chile" 2015 North American Farr 40 Championships, Corinthian Division Winners "Voodoo Chile" 2015 World Championships Farr 40, Corinthian Division Winners "Coquille"
Sarah Forbes
Gus was my personal trainer for 3 years and our training relationship only ended recently because I had to leave Hobart to move back interstate. I started out doing 2 sessions per week but graduated to four over time because I got so much benefit from my training with him. Gus is technically skilled with strong higher education qualifications in a number of relevant areas and his long experience in elite level competition as well as in teaching and training means that he understands how to put them into practice in his interactions with clients. Gus is extremely motivated, enthusiastic and hard working and he really loves what he does, which means he puts his full energy into everything he turns his attention to, whether it is strength training for an elite athlete, or working with beginners to achieve their goals and increase their ability and confidence. In my case he worked with me as a mature woman who had been training for some years, to maintain and build my fitness and strength over the period I trained with him. When I had minor injuries his skills and knowledge enabled him to help me recover without losing strength. His enthusiasm and positivity are infectious and he is encouraging but at the same time gently firm - he doesn't take 'no' or 'can't' for an answer! He builds a relationship of trust with his clients which means that they believe that they can do what he asks them to do, which in my experience is a mark of excellence in a trainer. I cannot recommend Gus too highly.
Matthew Nischler
I came to Gus with the goal of completing my first Ironman. Gus had been recommended to me due to his reputation as a successful endurance athlete and expert in training others in this area. Gus was invaluable with respect to conditioning my body to tackle this grueling event. He definitely knew how to make me hurt!! He adopted a holistic approach to my training and spent time on technique, strength and diet, as well as consistently setting me goals that would prepare for the eventual race day. His attention to detail and extensive experience in such events meant that I completed my first Ironman with confidence and in a time that I was really happy with. Gus no fuss, result-oriented approach to training made every session challenging but also enjoyable. He is a very likable and personable individual with a real passion for realizing the full potential of others. I feel extremely grateful to Gus for helping me improve my overall fitness and allowing me to achieve my personal aspirations. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to make significant improvements to their health and wellbeing, or accomplish some major fitness goals. Ironman 2013: 10 hours 30 min Ironman 2014: 11 hours 16 min North Face ultra- marathon 100km: 15 hours 30 min
Nick Johnston
I set a goal to finish a half ironman triathlon. Gus’s coaching, training programs, tips, motivation and enthusiasm not only got me across the finish line but helped me go from front row rugby forward to completing the race comfortably, and in a time I never believed I could do. Gus’s knowledge and experience has helped me set realistic goals and his enthusiasm for endurance training has regularly helped me achieve these goals. Since training with Gus I now get top 10% in fun runs, and he is now coaching me for a marathon. I could not recommend Gus as a coach for endurance sports highly enough. His coaching has me regularly finishing races and achieving PBs I never thought I would make.