Gus Fiuza, founder of Endure Sports Consultancy

I have studied sports training extensively, with a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science, a Bachelor of Physical Education and a Masters degree in Sports Training. Combining this knowledge with my considerable race experience and having spent over two decades training others, I will work to help my clients reach their goals and break their own personal limits.

As an endurance athlete and lover of outdoor sports, I have been working in the fitness industry for many  years and during this time have competed in more than 100 events such as adventure races, ultra-marathons, multi-sport races and triathlons. My passion for the outdoors and adventure started when I was 14, mountain biking along tracks near my home.  After a few shorts races I decided to have a go at some longer events. That’s when I got a taste of what it felt like to push myself and break my personal limits, and from there I was hooked and the distances grew. During this time I tried multiday MTB races, marathons and an Ironman, but it really clicked when I tried my first adventure race. I fell in love with the mix of different sports, while surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. After this first experience I began to dedicate my training to adventure racing, and very quickly expedition races became my favourite events.

Apart from racing I love everything outdoors including rock climbing, rafting, bush walking, kayaking, orienteering, camping and mountaineering. I have reached the summit of the highest mountain in South America (Aconcagua) and others around the world. In additional to that I spent a year in the Brazilian Army in the Special Operations Command where I completed a jungle survival course, parachuting courses and search and rescue training.  Endure Sports Consultancy is a tribute to my love of endurance sports and allows me to combine my passion for sport with helping others achieve their dreams.

Our philosophy

We are committed to helping people from all fitness levels achieve their maximum potential. From the very beginner, to the experienced athlete, we have the skills, experience and knowledge to improve your performance. Using a scientific approach to training looking at each individuals body type, strengths, weaknesses and goals, our aim is to help people to train with consistency and remain free of injuries. Too many times we see people throw themselves into training regimes without the guidance of a truly qualified trainer, only to find that in a short period of time they suffer from injuries and have to stop their training while they recover- if they can resume training at all! We aim to help people reach their goals in the shortest time, while keeping their bodies strong and healthy for the long run.